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Reboot Your Entertainment System

I Cell Mobile can work on both Macbooks and PCs. Whether your laptop won't start or your desktop is frozen, you can count on us to resolve any computer issue you're dealing with. We'll diagnose the problem and repair your device quickly.

Trust us to take care of your computer problem. Visit us today for computer repair service in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

6 common computer issues we see

6 common computer issues we see

All kinds of things can slow down your computer or make it stop working altogether. The team at I Cell Mobile has resolved many different types of computer issues. Here are six common problems we come across:

  1. Slow or frozen computers
  2. Constant restarts
  3. Long download times
  4. Corrupt files
  5. Odd noises
  6. The dreaded blue screen of death

Our team will pinpoint the problem and correct it immediately. We can also remove viruses, fix your keyboard and repair your mousepad, if needed.

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